Midway United Methodist Church
Friday, July 21, 2017
Where Friends Become Family


We are United Methodist Women organized in the Columbus District for the purpose of supporting, enriching, taking action, and participating in mission.

One program receiving our full support is “Showers For The Homeless” at Open Door. We asked for the support of our church membership and they have come through enabling us to continue collecting and delivering supplies for this program.  We also make contributions of Sunday School materials and Christian books to Open Door.

We continue to collect Campbell soup labels. The soup labels are mailed to Vashti several times during the year. 

On Methodist Women’s Day the unit conducted the morning’s worship service and honored the men of the church on Father’s Day. A gift is given to the church in honor of each of our members on their birthday. A member of the unit volunteers monthly to be a “greeter” at the Sunday morning service.

Our members attend district prayer breakfasts, mission studies, District Day Apart, take part in the Bottle Ministry, select a “Quiet Disciple” to be revealed at the annual meeting and participate in the reading program.

During the year we send contributions to local charities as the need occurs and this summer we sent two children to Valley Rescue Mission’s Camp Joy. Any funds left at the end of the year are sent to local mission organizations. The December meeting is followed by a Christmas party where gifts are exchanged and secret pals revealed.

Midway United Methodist Women meet on the first Tuesday
of each month at 3:00 PM EST.  Come join us!