Midway United Methodist Church
Friday, July 21, 2017
Where Friends Become Family

Meals on Wheels

In June 1993, Midway was invited to join other volunteers in the delivery of meals to shut-ins, infirm, crippled, and other needy individuals.  Six teams of two volunteered and an alternate team, to fill in when necessary.  The fourth Thursday was chosen as Midway Day. This soon became every fourth and fifth Thursday.  The first date of delivery was July 22, 1993. What started out being 65-70 meals being delivered has grown to as many as 150, with Midway covering most of the routes each holiday. Two of our teams have volunteered to deliver one day every week and seem to really look forward to those days. Meals on Wheels deliveries have been a blessing in disguise. If you feel down, try doing something for someone who cannot do it for themselves and be blessed in many ways.